Acute Otitis Media

Acute Otitis Media

This podcast gives medical students an overview of the diagnosis and treatment of acute otitis media. This episode is a discussion between Peter MacPherson, a medical student at the University of Alberta, and Dr. Sarah Forgie, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the Stollery Children's Hospital. 

Update (April 10, 2016) - Since the release of this podcast updated CPS guidelines have been released on the management of acute otitis media.  While they include updated evidence, the majority of the recommendations in this podcast remain consistent with the current guidelines.  Notable changes include:

  • A watchful waiting period of 24-48 hours rather than 48-72 hours.
  • Antibiotic treatment should be offered if symptoms have lasted longer than 48 hours.
  • Delayed prescriptions can be given to families to fill if symptoms do not improve in 24-48 hours rather than returning for follow-up.

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