These external links contain great pediatric resources for learners.



  • Emergency Medicine Cases (Pediatric Podcasts) - Emergency Medicine podcast developed at the University of Toronto. Covers many pediatric topics at a level appropriate for staff physicians, residents, or senior medical students.
  • PedsRAP - Subscription-based CME podcast targeted at staff physicians or residents in Pediatrics. They release 3 hours of content per month with 1-2 chapters available for free as a sample.
  • Surgery 101 (Pediatric Surgery) - Surgery podcast developed at the University of Alberta for medical students. Includes many topics in pediatric surgery.


  • CANImmunize - App allowing users to track their personal vaccination records, that also includes links to the vaccination schedule for each province and territory, and information about each vaccine.
  • PediaApp - Pediatric app developed in Egypt including growth curves, bilirubin nomograms, drug dosing and more.